In February 2014, my wife and I traveled to Albuquerque, NM to visit Breaking Bad filming locations. The desire to do this stemmed from our deep love of the series, but also from a wonderful experience at Twin Peaks Fest 2010. It was at TPF that we discovered just how much fun it was to do this type of thing. Our main reference for building the map was Marc Valdez's excellent blog. Simply put, our journey would not have been possible without his work. Despite the fact that one can throw a stone on Central and hit 4-5 featured sights, destinations like Tohajiilee and the railroad trestle are quite, quite different. Marc's guide was particularly invaluable here. Kudos and thank you, Mr. Valdez.

What follows is a simple photo journal. (All photos by my wife.) Each subpage features pictures and notes (some more detailed than others) on the 52 sights we visited and trespassed. It should be noted that there are locations we passed, and even stopped at (e.g., the gas station where Walt leaves Jesse's watch behind in "Felina"; it's en route to Tohajiilee), without even realizing it. I believe this to be a testament to how Gilligan and crew left no space in ABQ unused. In other words, the city is downright packed with things to see that were photographed at some point, however brief.

In addition to the photos and notes, here are some fun facts about our trip.

Below you'll find a simple navigation to each category and a New Mexico flag which brings you back here. I'm no web designer, but I made this simple page because I specifically did not want to host the journal on social media (with all of its associated bullshit), or any web property with a ToS that could change. It was our trip and these are our photos, and I want this to be our journal. I hope all the html & css displays properly for you. Just reading one Stack Overflow page on inserting line breaks made my head swim, and ain't nobody got time for that.

Update: We returned to ABQ in November 2014 for the first annual Breaking Bad Festival! Click the badge icon on the bottom right to read more. And note that we've added new pictures (from the previous trip and entirely new locations) from this visit throughout the site.

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